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Anonymous whispered: Seriously, is Priyanka becoming a specialist in shagging married men??? I never really liked her, but that thing is just pissing me off... She has no respect for anything!!


The fact that you didn’t once mention losing respect for the men she supposedly slept with (you know, the ones who were probably regularly stepping out on their wives) says a lot about you as a person tbh.

Idk much about Priyanka’s sex life and I don’t care for it tbh but YESSSS this answer is ON POINT. 

People tend to forget that these married men CHEAT as well. It takes two to fucking tango.They’re cheating on their wives but hey, would you look at that… the blame is being put on a woman (Priyanka, in this case).
Why? Because women aren’t supposed to be promiscious, “sluts”, “whores” and whatever else you want to call them. Men can though. It’s totally okay for men to be whores. Society won’t say anything about it. 

I’m sick and tired of this shit. If you’re going to be pissed at Priyanka for sleeping with married men THEN YOU BEST BE PISSED OFF AT THESE MEN WHO CHEAT AND SLEEP AROUND TOO.  

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