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Track: Aagadu title song
Album: Aagadu (2014)
Artist: S㏊nkar Ma㏊devan
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stinglikeafxingbee whispered: Been following you for ages and only read your "about me" today- had no idea you were tamil! I assumed you must be telugu from your love for RC hhaha! Alsooo I love your name, is there a reason why your parents gave you that name?

Hey! Yeahh people always mistake me for Telugu. I don’t blame you, I run a mostly Tollywood blog :P And ofc my eternal loveee for Ram Charan ;)

Aww, thank you! The story of my name is as follows: my dad wanted to name me some French name (because he lived in France for so long) but my mom was adamant on a Tamil name. My dad finally came to a compromise and said he’d be cool with the name “Monisha” or “Manisha” because he had a little celeb crush on “Manisha Koirala”. 

And thennnn, my parents came up with a bunch of modifications to the name “Manisha” and finally came to a consensus on “Mornisha”. :)

My name story! Thanks for asking <3 

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GUYS I made a movie rec list !

I was putting together a list of my favourite Indian movies… and I thought why not post it on tumblr? It’s a short list and I still have SO many to add to it… but if you wanted to take a look: 


I tried to find links to the movies with english subtitles. So if you click the (x) beside the film name, you’ll be redirected to a movie site. And if you click on the movie title, you can find photos/videos/posts I’ve made and reblogged about the film. :)